Mind Power Techniques – Discover Why It’s Real Science and Not Mumbo Jumbo!

Mind power techniques – what exactly are they? Is the question to unlock your mind power a bunch of hocus pocus or is there solid proof for it? In this article, I want to dispel the myths and prove to you once and for all that there is something worth pursuing that can improve your life. Read on to find out more.

What Is Mind Power?

Let me first tell you that I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to a lot of this stuff. For example, there is something called the “Law Of Attraction” that seems to be flavour of the month will people like Oprah always talking about it.

That is all about having a desire for something and then somehow the universe will detect your positive energy to change itself to make your dreams come true. Frankly, as an engineering graduate, I find this very difficult to believe that the universe can change in this way.

However, mind power does not require you to make any such “leaps of faith”. Mind power is about harnessing your conscious and sub-conscious mind to operate as efficiently as possible and allow you to reach your full potential. Stay with me because there is a scientific basis for this:

The Science Behind Mind Power

Neurologists and sleep scientists know well that the brain produces waves of various frequencies e.g. alpha, beta, theta waves. These are real and can be measured using an EEG device or a PET scan.

The reason that most people never fulfill their full potential in terms of learning, alertness, happiness, creativity, concentration and more is because their brain simply falls into various states in a most inefficient way – influenced heavily by our poor diets and hectic modern lifestyle.

If there were some way to redress the imbalance then we might be able to achieve our full potential.

Mind Power Techniques

So now that we know that there is the possibility of achieving our full potential, how do we go about achieving it?

One way is to learn meditation. This demands a great deal of dedication and a steep learning curve if you want to achieve your absolute potential – think of Buddhist monks and their ability to drown out everything external.

A better way is to use brainwave entrainment technology. This is an audio technology that involves listening to a high quality stereo sound (CD or mp3 recording) that sounds like a few simple sounds such as bells, fans or waterfalls.

However, under the surface of what you can hear are actually a variety of high frequency harmonics which are encouraging the brain to enter a different state. The advantage of this technique is that it is as easy as picking up your headphones and sitting back – there is no learning curve whatsoever.

Renaissance Science and Montessori’s New Guardian Angels

As new computer games emerge, more complex remote controls come onto the market. Our grandchildren seem better adapted to figuring out what buttons to push while grandparents appear to exhibit some culture shock confusion. A feeling of disquiet exists amongst the older generation that a button pushing frenzy of excitement appears associated with games of mass destruction. Various old guardian angels caring for the upbringing of children have fallen into disrepair and now seem well beyond their use by date, sounding warning bells that something has gone very wrong.

The upbringing of children was the speciality of the greatest scientist of 1907, Maria Montessori, as listed in TIME Magazine’s Century of Science. From her association with Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Teilhard de Chardin there emerged a preliminary blueprint for the construction of an incredible new guardian angel concept. Montessori’s Golden Gates to the future, for all the children of the world, was based upon an electromagnetic force interacting with the creative mechanisms within the child’s metabolism.

During the 1980s the Science-Art Research Centre in Australia published evidence proving that sea shells were singing a musical song of healthy evolutionary growth and development through 20 million years of space-time. This discovery was re-published as one of the great discoveries of the 20th Century by the World’s largest technological research institute, IEEE-SPIE Milestone series. Today we know that the same life energy optical physics forces are sung by the human sphenoid bone, which is in direct vibrational contact with the seashell like construction of the human cochlea. The methodology that led to this research discovery was suggested by China’s most highly awarded physicist, Kun Huang, who derived it from the spiritual optics belonging to the Classical Greek Music of the Spheres life science.

Chapter 9 from the book “Sentics: The Touch of Emotions” by Dr Manfred Clynes begins with a proposition. “How remarkable it would be if one could experience and express the spectrum of emotions embodied in music originating from oneself-without the crutch of a composer’s intercession, without being driven by the composer; and to do so moreover whenever we wish, not when circumstance may call them forth. This, indeed, has become possible through the development of sentic cycles”.

Texas University’s Dr Richard Merrick designed a computer game model that would creatively mirror-image the ethos of the popular World of War-craft game, with it’s millions of players and thousands of engineers. His book, Interference, contains details of the electromagnetic functioning of creative thought responding to the influence of the Music of the Spheres. It contains the elements of a visual play game where composing songs result in the creation of simulated living landscapes. Merrick writes. “As the most ironic outcome of the digital revolution yet, a mobile do-it-yourself music composition system may well be the black swan that brings the world back from the brink, back to the Pythagorean archetype of the music of the spheres”.

Plato’s spiritual engineering principles were based upon a infinite fractal logic. Buckminster Fuller’s life energy discovery was derived directly from Plato’s more profound engineering concepts and Fuller’s theories are now basic to a new Nobel Laureate grasp on a rigorous life science chemistry. From Buckmister Fuller’s Book, Utopia or Oblivion, the concept of a new Social Cradle emerges that can be considered as being fundamental to the nurturing of the ennobling play game concepts.

In order for the construction of the Social Cradle the general public needs to become free from what, centuries ago, was called the yoke of the Principle of Destruction. The older generations of modern civilisation, impeded by the dictatorship of thought imposed by that yoke, are unable to adequately express their very profound ethical gut felt wisdoms to their grandchildren. Einstein was certainly a great genius but his premier law of all science, which demands the total destruction of all life, does not apply to the functioning of life forces guiding evolution toward infinity. Unless the people realise that the Principle of Destruction must be balanced by the harmonic Principle of Creation then the computer games played by our children will bring about disaster. The old Guardian Angels obeyed the Principle of Destruction and we need to say goodbye to them.

Robert Pope.

When Science and Myth Converge

The dictionary meaning of ‘myth’ is suppose to be a ‘traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, esp. one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature’. Very often we are quick to discount a ‘story’ we hear as a myth but how often do we stop to think, admit and say ‘hey, hang on, it could be true!’ I am going to take the example of a Hindu ‘mythology’ to explain my point. To me this is not mythology, it is faith.

One of the important deities in Hinduism is Lord Shiva and his consort Parvathi. In this account of events, they are called Mullaivananadhar and Garbarakshambigai (Garba means womb, raksha means protect, ambigai is the goddess). Legend has it that ages back there lived a couple called Nithuruvar and Vedhigai. After several years of marriage they had no issues and were concerned. They took guidance from some saints and offered service to the Lord and Ambigai. With their blessing, Vedhigai conceived. During her pregnancy, her husband left her alone at home as he had to run some errands and promised to come back soon. Vedhigai was suffering from all typical ailments common in pregnancy and was absolutely exhausted. At this time a sage named Urdhuvapada came to their place and demanded offering (it was customary for sages to live on food offered by people). As Vedhigai could not even move around, she could not offer anything and this made the sage angry. He was unaware of Vedhigai’s condition and cursed her. She was diseased and this led to loss of her baby in the womb. She then pleaded to the goddess to protect her baby. The goddess, Ambigai or Parvathi took the form of Garbarakshambigai and protected the baby in a ‘kalasam’ or a divine pot. The baby grew in the pot just like it would in a womb. From then, Vedhigai requested the goddess to show mercy on everyone that prays to her asking for a child, a safe pregnancy and childbirth and a healthy baby. From my own experience, the goddess indeed does that.

I had a rough pregnancy with spotting once which was treated as threatened miscarriage and good amount of bleeding around 22 weeks. My family was constantly praying to this goddess for a safe pregnancy and delivery. My placenta remained low until 38 weeks and they were going to fix a date for C section as I was told it is very unlikely to rise after 38 weeks. 39 week scans did show that the placenta was out of the way and I could have a natural delivery. Next challenge was that my waters broke and my baby had aspired meconium. I had to be induced and was in labour for 20 hours. All through this time my mother, who was in the labour ward with me, was constantly chanting prayers (slokas) in the name of Garbarakshambigai only sipping cup of tea in between. Eventually I did deliver a healthy baby boy who we then took to the temple and put him on the golden cradle just as we had committed to do. It was the faith that the entire family had that helped me go through a difficult pregnancy and have a natural childbirth. One of my mother’s friends had repeated failure with IVF. We then offered prayers to this goddess on her behalf and within few weeks, success! Now she is a proud mom of twin girls.

I would not be surprised if some laugh at this whole story and even my experience. The same people however may not laugh when a scientist or doctor says they kept a baby in an incubator in Special Care baby unit as it was born in say 24 weeks gestation and once fully grown, handed it to the mother. The same people may not even laugh at attempts being made to replicate human womb so human embryo can develop outside of human body. These do not sound very different from what the goddess did to her devotee. So, what are we missing here? Were these concepts and ‘techniques’ already in existence so many years back and did man just miss the opportunity to learn it or pass on the learning? Is man only rediscovering things now? Is man really doing unprecedented things?

In essence, rather than discounting ‘myth’ why can’t we look at them from a different perspective and understand what we can learn from them. Just because there is no obvious evidence, does not mean there is no truth. As a matter of fact, man himself has created the evidence through his technological innovations and yet 100 years back, he would have discounted even the possibility of anything like that happening. This is evidence enough to show that myth and science do converge at some point, after all.