Cut From the Budget – Pennsylvania’s Award-Winning Science in Motion

STEM makes headlines every day–a definite education priority from the highest levels of government on down. The goal: invigorate the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math in our middle and high schools and raise America’s academic standing in the world.

Like many others, President Obama has been quite vocal about the shortcomings of STEM teaching and our students’ lackluster testing performance, hence the government’s push for improvement. To that end, he has…

o Initiated an annual White House science fair.
o Launched his “Educate to Innovate” campaign, a nationwide effort to move America’s students up from the middle of the pack in math and science.
o Challenged scientists, engineers, educators, the private sector, and governors to join him in a national campaign to engage students in STEM fields.
o Given a competitive edge to states that commit to improving STEM education in his Race to the Top grant contest.
o Recently honored about 100 outstanding middle and high school math and science teachers from around the country at the White House.
o Applauded the grassroots National Lab Day initiative intended to revitalize science and math education and lead to increased American competitiveness.

And as he has said, “Passionate educators with deep content expertise can make all the difference, enabling hands-on learning that truly engages students-including girls and underrepresented minorities-and preparing them to tackle the ‘grand challenges’ of the 21st century, such as increasing energy independence, improving people’s health, protecting the environment, and strengthening national security.”

Despite such good intentions, however, there’s been no apparent trickledown effect when it comes to the award-winning Science in Motion program.

In 1987, a group of Pennsylvania teachers teamed up with Juniata College and the National Science Foundation to find a way to help high schools access the modern high-tech equipment they needed to prepare their students for STEM careers but could not afford.

Ever since, thanks to their efforts and a partnership of twelve Pennsylvania colleges and universities, Science in Motion (SIM) has been providing the equipment, scientific personnel, and hands-on modern science and technology training our students need and should expect.

For instance, in Montgomery County, that service is provided by Ursinus College’s SIM program. Students in such districts as Norristown, North Penn, Owen J. Roberts, Perkiomen Valley, Souderton, and Spring-Ford have all benefited. Just last week, seventh graders at Spring-Ford Middle School were trained on digital microscopes.

All this at no extra cost to the individual school districts.

Says Ursinus’s SIM Mobile Biology Educator, Ron Faust, “Science in Motion is simply a great way to improve science education in an incredibly cost-effective way. It gives teachers the tools and instruction they need to effectively teach their subjects… I have taught for 41 years in this area and have never found any program that was more effective in bringing students the joy and excitement that science offers.”

Sounds grand, doesn’t it? And yet…

Despite all the political talk about the need for exceptional science, technology, engineering, and math instruction, the axe has fallen on this unique-to-Pennsylvania, Governors Award for Innovation-winning program. After Saturday, February 6th, it all ends. Governor Ed Rendell saw to that when he cut all funding for Science in Motion–$1.9 billion-from the state’s budget and immeasurably set back STEM education throughout Pennsylvania.

CSIR Study Material – Life Science

Let me start with expanding the term CSIR before going to the actual article, The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), a R&D organization in India was form in 1942 in the aims to offer industrial development, to make a strong foundation for strategic sectors and improvement of primary knowledge. Above all it motivates talented young men and women to take up science as career.

CSIR through Human Resource Development Group (HRDG) gives research fellowship to the bright Indian young minds to carry out their research in various CSIR listed Labs, University, institutes in the field of Science and technology. To identify the bright minds CSIR conducts the National Eligibility Test (NET) for candidates holding M.Sc or equivalent degree, every two time in a year (in June and December). Once selected you get CSIR Junior Research fellowship (JRF), presently Rs 12000 per month for first two years and Rs 14000 per month from the third year, the total term as JRF plus SRF will not go beyond five years.

CSIR conducts test for five streams Chemical science, Life science, Earth science, Mathematical science and Physical Science and consisting of two papers. Paper I is objective type to evaluate knowledge of science, skill of scientific and quantitative reasoning, creativity, analytical ability and research aptitude of a candidate. Paper II is to judge your knowledge through short descriptive answer in your subject.

Need of Study materials

Strictly speaking when you are preparing for CSIR life science section there is no need to cross check the syllabus, it includes every possible topics in life sciences, from biochemistry to microbiology, from botany to zoology, from atom to molecule. So before starting your preparation for CSIR make sure you have all the study materials. If you are not a Botany or Zoology student then you have to go through these subjects but it is not possible to read all the topics in this subject so you have to collect materials which cover the entire subject in simpler version.

As you know apart from your main subject you have to also know the basics of chemistry, physics, math, earth science because without covering these, clearing the first paper is a difficult task and your second paper would not be evaluated unless you have cleared your first paper. Hence you should check the source where to get such materials. Just reading the topics alone would not give you the confidence to face the exam, you need to practice N numbers of model question papers and also work out previous years question papers. This helps you to control the time and also give you the coolness to answer correct question under the time pressure. So you have to collect model question papers and old question papers before giving the exam.

Even you are smart and intelligent in your subject without proper study material, revision you will scratch your head in the exam hall. And one should not think much about spending money to collect such instant materials instead of writing 10 times.

Empower Yourself Using Subliminal Technology

The makeup of the human body is quite unique. It is a blend of the tangible and the intangible, the physical and the meta physical, working in tandem, everyday to produce a machine of efficient proportions that cannot be emulated by science and technology. While science wondered at the brilliance of the human body, we soon realised that besides disease and the natural progression of old age (inevitable to perfection), there are other cogs and bad bolts in the great machine of the human body that we were not aware of.

And these imperfections lay within the human mind. All these discoveries preceded the excavation of the human mind and the discovery of the pre conscious. Now more popularly called the ‘inner mind’ or the subconscious, science discovered that it was the controlling entity that decided on the spirit and the soul of an individual. How we behave, how we spoke, we acted, our reactions to situation, our addictions, our phobias and how we utilised our brain power – all were decided in the subconscious mind and these instructions were built up over years of sensory exposure during the developmental years as a child. Let me give you an example of how you can use subliminal technology to combat this and how the mind works. Let us take the topic of phobias first.

The prime example is a man, 27 years old, physically fit but deathly afraid of the water. Hydrophobophobia. This man cannot look at a swimming pool or be near the ocean without breaking into a sweat, feeling nervous or have the irresistible feeling of fear. Why is this? His social life is stunted, he is unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and he is left with a debilitating feat that can be a major factor in stunting the success in his life. Go back a few years when he was a child and trace an incident that he had with water that caused great trauma. The sub conscious mind is like a great sponge of emotions and associations. As a child, the subconscious mind immediately grabs onto the great fear and trauma associated with the incident and makes a mental association of water with these events.

It gets stuck in a cyclic existence in the sub conscious and triggers whenever he comes near to an open body of water. Because as a child, we are not blessed with the faculties of critical thinking and rationale thought, and we take things as they come, and interpret them as realities of the world. This is why parenting is so important, but trauma is one of those dynamic and unpredictable factors of childhood no one can predict. This man can empower himself to rid his mind of these associations and fears with subliminal technology – technology that can reach down into his mind, remove these fears and associations and plant new messages and thoughts. This is called the reprogramming of the pre conscious and it is a reality today with subliminal technology.